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Our team collaborates closely during each process. We’re experienced, dedicated, and truly take the time for all our candidates and clients.

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A team of dedicated professionals

Our team has years of in-house and external experience within talent acquisition teams. Aside from being professional and dedicated, we always prioritise our clients and candidates.

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Arye Kirzner


Arye has more than eight years of experience in IT recruitment gained through work at recruitment agencies and independent organisations. At Mollie, the unicorn payment platform, Arye was responsible as Head of Talent acquisition and hired over 150 employees ranging from developers, experts in cloud, information and data, and security specialists. Therefore, Arye has a highly versatile network built up with excellent references.

Arye Proteqt

Eva de Bies


Eva has over ten years of recruitment experience within various IT and security teams. She also has experience organising IT events such as hackathons and capture-the-flag events. Due to her previously gained insights at Macaw, Eva understands which aspects are essential for a successful mediation between client and candidate. Therefore, she’s responsible for hiring and selecting entire teams of experts.

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Nick den Hartigh


With a background in marketing and communication, Nick knows and understands the wishes and needs of his clients. Besides, it has given him valuable insights into how to reach and connect with people. He’s a team player and has excellent communication skills. Finally, Nick has always enjoyed helping others, working together, and he firmly believes you can reach more together than on your own.

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Jaap Mens


Jaap is very experienced in identifying the needs of others and responding to them with the necessary and appropriate actions. He focuses on the bigger picture by always considering clients’ and candidates’ interests. Jaap enjoys helping others. Knowing his candidates helps him find their next challenge and ensures a perfect match.

Jaap Proteqt