The cloud supports any innovative business. Proteqt is your gateway to the world of cloud expertise, offering solutions for optimal cloud management.

Cloud specialists

The cloud is the cornerstone of modern digital infrastructure, a realm where qualified professionals redefine the landscape of cloud engineering and architecture.

At Proteqt, we are dedicated to pinpointing cloud specialists who excel in steering your cloud computing solutions. Whether it’s Azure, AWS, or GCP, we link organisations with cloud professionals who specialise in refining your cloud hosting and infrastructure. With a focus on optimal performance and security, they drive innovation and efficiency within your operations.

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We are able to help you find professionals for the following cloud positions:

Cloud Solutions Architect Cloud DevOps Engineer
Cloud Operations Manager Cloud Engineer
Cloud Migration Specialist Cloud Architect
Cloud Infrastructure Specialist Cloud Security Engineer
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Optimising cloud solutions

Cloud computing

Cloud computing has revolutionised how businesses manage and utilise their digital infrastructure. It offers scalable and flexible solutions, enabling companies to access resources and services over the Internet rather than maintaining physical hardware or servers. With Proteqt, discover tailored cloud computing strategies and find skilled professionals to optimise your cloud architecture for enhanced performance and security.

Cloud recruitment

Partners in cloud services

Unlock the potential of cloud services with Proteqt. We specialise in comprehensive cloud recruitment services, encompassing various roles from cloud architects to specialist cloud engineers. Partner with us to explore the limitless possibilities offered by cloud services experts. Our dedicated team ensures that your cloud infrastructure meets industry standards, guaranteeing seamless scalability for your operations.

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Recruitment experience

With over fifteen years of experience, we've partnered with various organisations from diverse industries. Extensively working with people has taught us to deeply comprehend your specific wishes and deliver customised recruitment solutions.


Cloud expertise

Our consultants are well acquainted with the dynamic cloud service industry. Their ongoing industry immersion ensures precise recruitment support, aligning your needs with the latest trends. With their expert guidance, we connect your organisation with top talent.


Personal approach

We prioritise understanding your company and team dynamics. You’ll have a dedicated person of contact, ensuring seamless communication at every step. Our streamlined review process guarantees careful attention to your unique needs, ensuring precision throughout.

Our other expertise


Data fuels modern businesses. Our data recruitment solutions link you with experts who convert raw data into actionable insights. Whether you need analysts, scientists, or other specialists, we excel in finding ideal matches for data-centric positions. Count on Proteqt to steer your path in making informed, data-driven decisions that shape your future. Learn more about our data recruitment solutions and how they can elevate your business efficiency and insights.

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Cyber security

Securing your digital assets is crucial in today’s cyber landscape. Our solutions span from cyber security specialists to threat intelligence analysts, addressing varied needs. With evolving threats, our proactive stance keeps you ahead. Collaborate with us to strengthen your cyber security team. Discover more about our recruitment solutions and protect your digital assets effectively.

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