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At Proteqt, our candidates are what drive us. We build long-term relationships to find you a new challenge that always matches your ambitions.

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We help you find a new challenge

Finding a challenge that matches your ambitions, skills, and current trends in the market is easier after we get to know you. We can help you find your dream job quickly and efficiently when we know you, your expertise, and your abilities. After all, you are who truly matters.

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Why Proteqt



Our consultants have over fifteen years of experience in the talent acquisition market. We have worked for unicorns and smaller organisations. But most importantly, we have worked with people. Therefore, our process is centred around your wishes and your needs.



We are experts in IT, security, data, and cloud. We work closely with IT professionals and keep up to date with the latest developments, news, and trends in the market. Through our expertise, we can always ensure that we find the best opportunities for you.



We prioritise getting to know you because we believe a personal approach achieves the best results. Aside from taking the time to learn everything about you, we evaluate your career and skills and, most importantly, discuss your ambitions to ensure a good match.

A candidate is more than a skillset

You’re more than just a resume, therefore, we take the time to get to know you and pay close attention to your ambitions and wishes. We aren’t recruiters but rather consultants who guide you through the process and work together with you and our clients to achieve the best results.

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Want to know how Proteqt can help you?

Whether you’re a security officer, an ethical hacker, or a policymaker at Proteqt, we’re always delighted to get to know you. We’re happy to consult you on your resume, discuss current trends in the market or help you find a new opportunity. Not sure how Proteqt can help? That’s fine; we’re happy to discuss your possibilities. Get started by contacting us.

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