Data experts are vital for organisational success in the digital age, providing crucial insights. Proteqt is your partner in finding experts for optimised data management.

Data specialists

Understanding the impact of data on your organisation is vital in today’s digital realm. It’s important not only to analyse but also to protect your organisation’s data flows. Expert data professionals ensure seamless data analytics, protection and security, resulting in integrity and rapid growth.

We connect organisations with these specialists, enabling optimised data strategies. Qualified data experts manage reliable, secure data for swift organisational expansion. Let us help you find data specialists, empowering exponential growth for your organisation.

Proteqt Data Security Recruitment


We are able to help you find professionals for the following (big) data positions:

Business Intelligence Analyst Data Scientist
Machine Learning Engineer Data Engineer
Data Protection Officer Data Analyst
Data Analytics Manager Data Architect
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Unlocking data potential

Data Science

Data science is about extracting insights from complex datasets. At Proteqt, we collaborate with you to find skilled data science professionals, amplifying your data-driven capabilities. Our goal is to empower your organisation by harnessing the potential within your data, enabling informed decision-making and innovative strategies. Let us elevate your data science initiatives and drive transformative outcomes.

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Data analytics recruitment

Experts for your data

Unlock the potential of data analytics. At Proteqt, we specialise in data analytics recruitment, connecting you with professionals specialising in data loss protection, data modelling, data management, and data protection strategies. Our team navigates the complex data analytics landscape, matching your organisational needs with proficient experts. Let Proteqt be your partner in constructing an experienced data analytics team.

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Proteqt is your partner in (big) data analytics


Recruitment experience

With over fifteen years of experience, we've partnered with various organisations from diverse industries. Extensively working with people has taught us to deeply comprehend your specific wishes and deliver customised recruitment solutions.


Data analytics expertise

Our consultants stay updated with the latest trends to offer support in finding the right data specialists for your organisation. They truly grasp your organisation's needs, tailoring strategies to handle specific data challenges. We ensure access to proactive and constantly evolving expertise.


Personal approach

We prioritise understanding your company and team dynamics. You’ll have a dedicated person of contact, ensuring seamless communication at every step. Our streamlined review process guarantees careful attention to your unique needs, ensuring precision throughout.

Our other expertise

Cyber security

Securing your digital assets is crucial in today’s cyber landscape. Our solutions span from cyber security specialists to threat intelligence analysts, addressing varied needs. With evolving threats, our proactive stance keeps you ahead. Collaborate with us to strengthen your cyber security team. Discover more about our recruitment solutions and protect your digital assets effectively.

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In today’s cloud-driven era, adaptability and scalability are crucial for triumph. Our comprehensive cloud recruitment services span various roles, from architects to specialists. As cloud technologies evolve, we remain at the forefront, ensuring your organisation stays updated. Join hands with us to delve into the boundless potentials of the cloud experts. Discover more about our cloud recruitment services and propel your business forward.

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