Recruitment agencies and why they have never been more relevant

First things first, it should be noted that as a recruitment agency, our main focus is to help. Whether it is by finding the adequate candidate for companies or guiding our candidates through the application process. Through time, we have discovered that opting for a personal approach makes especially the candidates feel at ease. This can make the application process seem less daunting, which allows them to perform at the best of their abilities. What essential tools do we bring to the contact moments with our candidates? Strong listening skills and an open mindset!

Of course, it is important for us to be of good service to our candidates at all times. However, during periods of time where the job market is overstrained (as it currently is), we have to turn it up a notch. How do we achieve this? By offering the following:

  • Consulting: we have in-house expertise in the tech recruitment market, allowing us to offer tailor-made advice.
  • Inside information: we know what our clients are looking for, and thus what to expect. This then allows us to ensure that you and your wishes are connected to the right organization, successfully managing the expectations of all parties involved.
  • Optimization: to ensure that your profile distinguishes you from others, we review your resume and give you tips on how to nail each interview.
  • Transparency: as a consultant, we make sure to not let you face any surprises or foreseeable hiccups. That is why we focus on a transparent communication style.

At Proteqt, we believe that our candidates truly thrive when we opt for a personal approach. That means that at the beginning of every application journey, we embark on the journey together with our candidates. Together, we optimize the points of improvement, and actively think along to allow the candidates to focus on one thing: showcasing their potential to the company.

Besides a personal approach, we also host a tremendous amount of knowledge on Security, Data and Cloud. This means that we have an excellent grasp of the market and can successfully help manage the expectations of our candidates and clients. On the one hand, we set up a realistic scope of vacancies for our candidates that match their wants and needs to the best of our abilities. On the other hand, we carefully select candidates for our clients in the same fashion.

We strongly believe that in the end, we do not work with faceless candidates and clients, but with people. That is exactly why we strive for a personal approach, clear communication, and strong guidance. Because ultimately, the success of our candidates and clients, is our personal success.