Recently graduated? The ins and outs of staffing and why it could be interesting for you

Our economy is growing and the demand for talented people is increasing. As a result, companies more often need professional help in finding and attracting well-qualified candidates. This is where staffing agencies come in. Their knowledge, expertise, and judgment, enables them to fill vacancies with the right talent and help companies grow. Generally, companies consider their employees to be the most important key to success. So, beside the great career opportunities as a staffing consultant, this is your chance to have a real impact!

What is it exactly that a consultant does?

Consultants have a wide variety of roles. They work as marketers, networkers, problem solvers, interviewers, and negotiators in their search for the perfect match between candidate and employer. It is the job of the consultant to find, warm up and assess the right talent for that specific job. Found the right match? The senior consultant then informs both the candidate and the recruitment manager about the practical side of things: remuneration, training, fringe benefits, and more.

Reasons why staffing would be a good first step for starters

  1. Attractive salary + bonus structure

There are monthly performance-related bonuses on top of your basic salary. The more responsive you are to the staffing needs of your clients and the more targets you reach, the better you will be rewarded.

  1. Career opportunities

Meeting your targets means you can quickly grow into a higher or more managerial role. Staffing is an industry where people are judged on their performance, not on years of service or the results of an exam for a vacant position. Of course, you can also be rewarded by your added value within a team.

  1. Development opportunities

Staffing agencies invest in their employees because they can be the business leaders of the future. You can more easily find your way in the sector and build your own career with training. Many newcomers are surprised by the practical business experience they gain: meeting company leaders, assessing their staffing problems and working out solutions so they can expand their business.

  1. Contract benefits

Many staffing agencies offer their employees various benefits, such as a pension plan, health insurance, rewards, and possibly a company car and even childcare.

  1. Diversity of work

Working in staffing, it is more than likely that your next day will be very different from the previous one. As a (senior) consultant, you do have to meet targets, but you also enjoy a certain amount of autonomy and flexibility. One day you may meet clients and candidates, the next you may be negotiating contract rates, attending an event, conducting interviews, or securing an important deal.

  1. A challenge for yourself to beat

Not everyone is a born consultant. You need to be independent, take initiative, exude self-confidence, know people and of course, be able to have a good chat. Additional assets are drive, creativity, flexibility, and decisiveness. A consultant wants to build professional relationships on the market, and for that, they must gain the other person’s trust. In short, it is a process that requires a lot of time and perseverance. A nice challenge!

  1. Fulfillment

Last but not least: the immense satisfaction when you have found a new job for someone or have given a company a considerable boost.

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