International Day of Data Privacy

As you all might know at Proteqt we are specialized in Data, Security and Cloud. For this reason, we always do our best to keep up to date with the latest trends and developments within the world of cybersecurity. For years, the month of January has held an important day for our industry: January 28th is the 41st edition of the ‘International Day of Data Privacy’. What does this day look like? And why does it take place?

This annual event has been organized since 1981 and is entirely dedicated to increasing awareness around privacy and data protection. At the time, it was believed that companies and individuals should know their rights and responsibilities in connection with data privacy. Unfortunately, to this day, millions of people around the world are not yet aware of how their information is used, shared or collected online. Especially with the pace at which cyberattacks increase year by year, this event has never been more relevant.

In recent times, as working from home has increased significantly, many of us have unknowingly opened ourselves up to cyber threats. For instance, in quite some cases employees will not necessarily have a secured network at home or be aware of malicious activity such as phishing emails. Even though these can easily be prevented or avoided, many seem to be lacking support.

So, considering this annual event: what are easy steps you can take to prevent cyberattacks? Below you can find 3 easy and actionable tips on how to work safely from home:
1. Map out which electronic devices you use at home for work. Since these tend to deal with more vulnerable data than your other devices, ensure to increase their security.
2. A strong password is a given, however, make sure to update yours regularly to keep out unsolicited visitors. How can you optimize this? By making use of password optimization tools.
3. Finally: your internet connection. Keep invaders out by regularly changing your network’s password, disabling remote access and manually updating your router.

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